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Access Ready Inc

Inclusion Can't Wait!

Darkness equals exclusion in many settings no matter how beautiful it looks - City at night - colorfully lit
Darkness Equals exclusion in many settings no matter how beautiful it looks
Daylight equals inclusion in every setting - Large City in daylight with sun setting
Day light equals Inclusion in every setting

What Type of Businesses, Government and Nonprofit Entities Are We Working With?

We understand the complications and perceived expense involved in choosing to become Access Ready. Entities that embrace an Access Ready policy can accomplish this effort over reasonable budget cycles without unrealistic difficulties. We believe that encouraging Access Ready in all settings will create a better world not only for individuals with disabilities but for everyone.

Access Ready INC. is an independent, non-profit, cross-disability education and advocacy organization promoting a policy of inclusion and accessibility of information and communications technology (ICT). Access Ready's strategies include technical findings, policy discussions, best practices, and advocacy efforts made available to the public through, its social media stream, and other public relations efforts.
Access Ready asks the question, "If physical facilities in this country must be built in accordance with accessibility standards, why not information and communications technology?" Businesses, employers, and federal, state, and local governments are becoming increasingly dependent on information and communications technology to provide goods and services. For people with disabilities, accessible information and communications technology is a necessity, not a luxury or a convenience, which fosters independence, economic self-sufficiency, and active, meaningful participation in civic life.

What is an Access Ready Environment?
An access Ready Environment is where access for people with disabilities at the physical and technological levels is a matter of forethought, design, inclusion and planning instead of a condition of afterthought, delay and discrimination resulting in risk to all concerned.

Accessibility varies by setting. To learn more about the standards, examples, and solutions for accessibility in specific settings, explore the pages below: