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Hello World!

Welcome to Access Ready, Inc. This is the very first post. This post is for setup and testing purposes only ...
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What is an Access Ready Environment?


An access Ready Environment is where access for people with disabilities at the physical and technological levels is a matter of forethought, design, inclusion and planning instead of a condition of afterthought, delay and discrimination resulting in risk to all concerned.


Access Ready is an independent, non-profit, cross-disability education and advocacy organization promoting a policy of inclusion and accessibility across Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Access Ready’s strategies include technical findings, policy discussions, best practices, and advocacy efforts made available to the public through this site, its social media stream, and other public relations efforts.


Access Ready asks the question, “If physical facilities in this country must be built in accordance with accessibility standards, why not Information and Communications Technology (ICT)?” Businesses, employers, and federal, state, and local governments are becoming increasingly dependent on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to provide goods and services. For people with disabilities, accessible Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is a necessity, not a luxury or a convenience, which fosters independence, economic self-sufficiency, and active, meaningful participation in civic life.


Inaccessible Information and Communications Technology (ICT) presents a clear, growing, and present danger to the civic, economic, and social welfare of people with disabilities.


Have questions? Contact us today at: info@accessready.org ✉.


If you should run into any issues accessing the Access Ready, Inc. website please reach out to our webmaster at webmaster@accessready.org ✉.